Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Day

On Wednesday , November 23 , 2011 me and 40 other grade 8 students and also some teachers went to We day at the MTS center. We all left at 8:30 am and took the transit there and back. We got back at around 2:00 pm.
Some of the speakers at We Day included Rick Hanson , Spencer West , Mia Farrow , Craig and Mark Kielburger , Al Gore , Hannah Taylor and MANY more !!

Some performers were Hedley, Down With Webster, Shawn Desman and some others.

We Day was lots of fun!!! I think this experience changed my life.

Here are some Pictures :all the speakers have changed my life with their inspirational words.

Here is the audience

This is Shawn Desman on stage

This is Mia Farrow on stage

This is Craig and Mark Kielburger speaking

This is Down With Webster

This is Hannah Taylor ( she is from Winnipeg )

Here is Spencer West

Lastly , here is Hedley

That was a wonderful experience
Remember " It starts with ME and ends in WE !!! "

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