Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Raeesa's homework answers number's 3,7,and 11.

3) Use mental math to determine each of
the following..

a)300% of 2000=
I did 300/100=3
3 times 2000=6'ooo

b)1 1/4% of 60= 0.75
% #
100 60
1 0.6
1/4 0.15
1 1/4 0.75

c) 0.1% of 40=0.04
0.001times 40=0.04

7. Two hundred tickets are being sold for a
school draw.

a) What is your chance of winning with
one ticket? Express your answer as
a percent.

b) How many tickets would you need
to purchase to have a 2.5% chance
of winning?
answer a)=1/200 divide the numerator by the denominator by 2.
so 0.5/100=0.5%

B) 0.5% times 5 = 2.5%
so you would need 5 tickets to have a 2.5% chance of winning.

The area of Canada is approximately
9 984 670 km2
. The area of Manitoba
is about 6 1/2% of the area of Canada.
What is the area of Manitoba to the
nearest square kilometre

answer= change the 6 1/2 t0 6.5 because 1/2 is the same as 0.5.
so then 6.5 times 9 984 670= 64'900'355 km2
the area of Manitoba to the nearest square kilometre is 64'900'355 km2.

-sorry that I had no pictures, but it wouldn't upload..
-here is a link to help you guys practice how to find a percent of something...

here is a video of how to find a percent of something!

Here are the answers to question's 3,7,and 11, I didn't have any pictures because it would't upload sorry, but I hope this helped you guys.


  1. AWESOME JOB Raeesa! Your post was very well explained and I think your post will help a lot of people. That's ok if you couldn't add pictures it's not your fault, your two links took there spot anyways. But two suggestions I have is well the first one is you should've added a little bit of color to make it stand out and the second one is that you should've added a video but otherwise GREAT JOB!

  2. Good job Raeesa, I like how you explained how you got the answer and also how you showed your work. I think you should have added some pictures to go with your work and also I think you should have added a bit more color so it could stand out more. I also think that you should have made your video not in a link. Other then that great scribe post.

  3. Good job Raeesa! Your post is very clear and easy to understand. You put lots of information, which is AWESOME! However, you could've added a little bit of color to make "important" words stand out. Also, if the pictures won't upload, make it smaller. I'm pretty sure that would work. Other than that, great job! Keep up the hard work!

  4. Great Job Raeesa! This is very clear and understanding, you could have added more color and some pictures and a video! Add these next time to make them an eye catcher! Keep up the great work!

  5. Good Job Raessa !! Your explanations were very clear and really helped me. But I wish you could have added more colour and visuals, but since they could upload you still did good work !!

  6. Great Job Raeesa! I liked your answers. However, for the question about the area, you made a little mistake. When 6 1/2% is changed to a decimal, it is 0.065. So you should have multiplied 9 984 670 by 0.065 which gives you 649 003.55 km2. Other than that, everything was good.

  7. Great job Raeesa! I liked how your post was clear and understandable. I agree with Cindy on question 11. You should have multiply 9 984 670 by 0.065 to get the answer. Another suggestion i have is that you should add colour to your post so it will look more creative.

  8. GREAT JOB Raeesa! I like your scribe post, it was very clear what you were talking about. To make your post even better, I think you should of added some color. I have to agree with Cindy on question 11. You should have multiplied 9,984,670 by 0.065 to get the answer. Other than that you did a great job!

  9. GOOD JOB Raeesa! i like how you explained your post. i was very easy to understand.But next time you should of added colour and if your colour didnt show up like mine its okay!the other thing is that you should of added a video to help people a bit more but other than that awesome job!

  10. Well done Raeesa! I first noticed that you dont have pictures but as Alyshia said, the two links substitutes the pictures, your video is awesome so does the link. Next time, you might wanna explain it to Mr. Harbeck so he will help you deal with it. Great job in explaining everything I totally understand all of it. Great job and thank you!