Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Melina's Pay it Forward

Pay it forward is an act of kindness that you do for someone who will pass it on to other people.

For my pay it forward act of kindness Anita and Sheila and I babysat Sheila’s cousins for the weekend because Sheila’s mom was sick. We were going to go do something else but sheila told us she couldnt go because her mom was sick. So me and anita decided that we could help out sheilas mom by babysitting three of sheilas baby cousin. The kids we watched were Jayden, Matthew, and Fiona. Jayden is 2 Matthew is 1 and Fiona is 4. We babysat for the weeken and we thought it would be hard because the kids were very energized but it wasnt hard at all it was actually really fun!

This is 2 year old Jayden:

Here is 1 year old Matthew:

And this is 4 year old Fiona:

Our act of kindness went pretty well. We played catch with them (inside the house) we made arts and crafts with them we even had to give them a bath! I thought i would be hard having to wake up at 8 in the morning and going to babysit three little kids but after spending the weekend with these adorable kids i didnt mind having to wake up at 8. I felt really good helping sheilas mom. Sheila's mom was very happy when she saw that the kids were laughing and smiling and it felt great to us seeing a smile on her face! We didn't ask sheilas mom to "Pay it Forward" because she was sick. But she does help more than three people a day, because whoever she is babysitting she helps the kids parents out a bit.

Paying it forward is a important because if three people help three people then the other three people help sombody else the chain of helping people would continue and it will make a difference! The thought of helping someone without asking anything in return is very nice. My act of kindness helped sheilas mom and the kids parents. It was really fun babysitting jayden, matthew and fiona! It was a very fun weekend and it would be fun if we could do something like this again.


  1. To Sheila, Anita, and Melina
    Good job for helping babysit Sheila's cousins when their mom was sick. It's pretty hard waking up early in the morning just to babysit 3 kids but you guys completed your act of kindness very well. I think their mom and the kids benefited because the mom had a smile on her face when she saw her kids smiling and laughing. The mom is probably really thankful because 3 kids and 1 mother is kind of handful especially when she's sick. You guys made a big difference to their mom and made her really happy because she got her rest. What I learned about this experience is that babysitting is not just feeding them, taking care of them, but to make them happy, smiling and laughing. When that happens, the mom will be really happy too and have second thoughts of getting you guys to babysit for her when she's busy or sick again. So you did a very good job paying it forward! (:

  2. Good job you girls, it was really nice of you to do that knowing her mom was sick and couldn't do it. I bet she's so happy you helped. It was a good and very nice pay it forward. (:

  3. Great Job you guys for babysitting Sheila's cousins when their mom was sick. You guys made a huge different for Sheila's cousins and their mom. Must be hard for the mom because she is really sick and she feels bad for her kids because there is no one to take care of them, but you guys made a difference by babysitting them. Good job!

  4. Good job! It was really kind of you guys to help out Sheila's mother by baby sitting the 3 "kids". I think Fiona, Jayden, Matthew, and Sheila's mom benefited from this act of kindness. The kids benefited because they had some younger people play with them. I guess it would be enjoyable because there are more people to have fun with, instead of just one person. Not saying Sheila's mom isn't fun, or anything. Sometimes, the more the people, the more fun it would be! Sheila's mom benefited also, because she didn't have to worry as much. She kind of had a day to lay back, and rest. What I learned about this experience is that it can actually be fun babysitting younger people. Whenever I babysit my cousins, I'm kind of rude to them because I don't play with them. Next time, I'm going to try doing some physical activities with them. Again, good job!