Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Randolph's Pay It Forward!

Randolph's Pay It Forward!

Part 1:

"Pay If Forward"
is about the boy named Trevor, who has an assignment about to change the world, so he makes an idea of three people can make a difference to. Only one person can make a difference in the world!

Part 2:

My "Pay It Forward" act of kindness was to clean the kitchen and clean my bed. I choose this activity because it would be get done and no more mess around the house. I did do my act of kindness on November 13th, 2011.

Part 3:

I did my "Pay It Forward" act of kindness pretty w
ell because I did do my both chores, and it was really easy to do it.

Part 4:

I think "Pay It Forward" is very important because it helps 3 people to make a big difference and to be more kind, generous, and a helpful person.


  1. Great Job Randolph . Your parents would be proud of you Paying it forward. Cause it would help certain people . Good Job

  2. Good job Randolph!
    I like how you explained what Pay It Forward is and I like what you did for your act of kindness, I would have never thought of that. One thing you can improve on though is adding more information on your act of kindness and add more pictures. Good job still and keep it up :)

  3. Great job Randoplh. I bet your parents are proud of you doing pay it forward and im sure that your house really clean by now. GOOD JOB.