Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cindy's Graphing post

Graphing Post

1) There are 5 types of graphs, and they are:

Bar Graph

Advantage: It can compare the data across catagories.

Disadvantage: It can sometimes be inaccurate because of the intervals.

Double Bar Graph

Advantage: It can compare two sets of data across catagories.

Disadvantage: It can sometimes be inaccuate because of the intervals.

Circle Graph

Advantage: It compares the data to the whole using percentage.

Disadvantage: It is hard to tell the exact number of each catagories, which is hard to know the difference between catagories.

Line Graph

Advantage: It can show the change of data over time.

Disadvantage: It can only show a group of data that is among the same catagory.


Advantage: The data can be shown clearly and easy to read.

Disadvantage: Need to calculate to find the exact number and might be hard to understand when it is cut.

2)Show 3 ways to mislead a graph.

Distort the size of bar: Bar takes up more columns, will increase the area of the bar, to make the bar appears larger.

Distort the scale: Change the scale by putting a break in the y-axis, that changes the interval

Distort the Visual: Make some pictures in the pictograph larger than others to make it look like it has more than it actually have.

3A)Line graph and a Bar graph would show the data accurately.


I would continue to sell pizza subs. As you can see in the graph, the sale number of pizza subs are increasing. Which I believe the sale number will still go up.

4) I would choose the line graph to show Mrs. Mota because is clearly shows the increase of the healthy food choices.

4A) Change both graphs so they look more impressive.

Here is a link that have graphing practices you can do.

Here is a video about how to create a line/double line graph.

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