Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ronalen's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward 2011-2012

Part 1

What is pay it forward?

Pay it forward is when you do and act of kindness for someone you do or don't know without expecting anything back. the main point of this is to make a difference no matter how big or small.
After you do the act of kindness you ask the person to pay it forward for another person and it just keeps going till it spreads out with many people paying it forward.

Part 2

My pay it forward act of kindness is to bake cookies for all the teachers in our school and tell them why we appreciate them. I chose to do this activity because teachers have hard days at school and I thought if we made them cookies and thank you cards it would lighten up their day a little bit and make them happy. We helped all the teachers in our school including the principal and vice-principals and the people in the office. We went to Kassey's house to make the cupcakes . We delivered the cupcakes on Monday to all the teachers and the EAs.

Part 3

The teachers were really happy to get the cupcakes and cards. We went at lunch to deliver the things to the teachers in the school. I felt absolutely stunned by how much this affected the day of the teachers we gave things to. I felt really happy to be making a difference in our teachers day. The teachers we happy to receive the cupcakes. We never asked the teachers to pay it forward because we had to rush to deliver the cupcakes so the other people in my group could go to choral fest.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is important because it shows other people capable of doing things for others for nothing in return. My act of kindness made a difference in the teachers day because it made a smile on their faces. It made the teachers happy and it brightened up their day a little bit.

Here is a slideshow that shows what we did for pay it forward.


  1. Great job Ronalen! I liked the way you explained everything clearly. I loved the way that you and your friends decided to make cards and cupcakes to teachers and EA's since they're not only teaching us things we need to know to pass but teaching us life lessons to be a even better person. I loved the slideshow you and your friends have created. People could tell that you guys have worked very hard. I wish you could have added more colour to your text. I think you should have showed pictures of you and your friends handing out the cards and cupcakes to the teachers. This was still a very awesome Pay it Forward blog post. Great job, once again!!

  2. Great Job, Ronalen! I liked your explanation and it's really wonderful to hear that you had fun while making cupcakes! Well to tell you the truth, I didn't even need to say that considering that the people you did it with are pretty much wonderful and fun people to spend time with! Also, could you put more details on how happy they were (facial expressions, comments etc)? I don't really think that you need to tell them to pay it forward because they probably do that every single day, teaching us new things, they are already paying it forward every time we go to school! Then, please add color, to this scribe to make it less dull, add on some bold to the questions and wala, you now have a colorful scribe post! It was fun hanging around Janessa and Kassey wasn't it? This was an incredible Pay it Forward post, good job!