Monday, November 14, 2011

Beverly's Pay it Forward

Part 1: What is "Pay it Forward"?
"Pay it forward" is a movie that all the grade 8's watched about a boy that had assignment to that was called Pay it Forward where you had to find 3 people and help them by doing something good for them and by paying you back you ask them to "Pay it Forward" to 3 more other people and that keeps growing and growing. When more and more people keeping doing it will increase and it will change the world by just helping 3 people. And by helping those 3 people you are not just helping them you are also helping yourself by knowing that you were part of the people that made a difference in the world.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

We were also on the Children's Hospital Foundation's website with 3 other groups of people from our school.

"Many random acts of kindness occurred yesterday when several groups of Grade 8 students from Sargent Park School came by bearing gifts for kids in the hospital. These giving teens wanted to pay it forward in the hopes that other people will do something kind for someone else, too. How nice is that? Thank you, Sargent Park!

(L-R) Beverly Dela Reyna, Nicole Pangilinan, Norien Reyes and Nikka Pamplona. Big thanks also to Diana Bui, Serena Tonnu, Alyshia DaSilva, Irena Tonnu, Joy Abaya, Peter Sison and Jennifer Lopez.

One the workers emailed us saying:

From Tania

" I wanted to thank you again for making the treat bags for the kids in the

hospital, they were so thoughtful!

We brought your groups gifts to the Respirology department, where kids who have

breathing disorders go for treatment and tests.

You made a lot of kids very happy. "


  1. Good job Beverly! It's so nice what you and the girls did. I'm proud of you guys. I bet all those kids at the hospital felt so good after receiving the treat bags. I also like how you set up your post. Good job!

  2. Good job girls. I bet you guys felt good, especially because of the amount you spent just for the kids. I think that the kids that received the goody bags felt really special because some people (you girls) actually cared enough to put a smile on their face and made a difference. I learned that you don't just do the task for the marks, you do it for the result of the children. Great act of kindness! :)