Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ghelo's Pay It Forward

Part 1
"Pay It Forward" is a movie that we watched and this idea was a part of our Me to We project and 2 minutes to make a difference. This movie is a boy named Trevor who is asked to do a project that can make a difference in someone or some people's lives no matter how small or how large or even how simple or complicated. The system of "Pay It Forward" consists of doing something for 3 people and those 3 people have to do another good deed 3 other people and so on....
This idea is can affect everyone in the world and that's how it is an amazing idea. Even if Trevor died his idea is lived on by others that had been inspired by him.

Part 2
My Pay It Forward act of kindness is donating money ($20.00) to Silaom Mission with Suzzene Palattao. We chose this act of kindness because we wanted to help people in the Silaom Mission Organization for their hard work and this was like our thank you for volunteering their time to help less fortunate people. I knew it wasn't a really big amount, but i hoped we helped cause it went to a really good cause. I think and hoped that the money when to people who needed support.We did this act of kindness on Thursday, November10, 2011.

Part 3
I think the act of kindness went well and as planned and we learned some REALLY valuble life lessons and amazing facts like they never turn down people that need help even if the people that come to Silaom Mission need help or if they just lie about getting food and free stuff for free cause they know that if they had a heart god has sent them to Silaom Mission for help and they know that they are god's angel sent to help and not judge them if they need help or not. We went to the front desk and said," that we were from Sargent Park and we were here to donate money". Plus they gave us a tour of some parts of the building. I felt nervous at first because I think of myself as a not very social person and I am really shy, but I faced my fears and said what I had to say. I also felt that after the tour I REALLY wanted to donate more because I knew the work that they were putting for people they don't even know and I loved how the building was so clean and dependable.I think the reaction of the women for me was shocked and thankful because her eyes widened and kids don't usually go out of their ways to do and act of kindness or make a difference in someone's life. As a kid myself we usually only think of ourselves first, but this project made me think of people other that myself and hope the other grade 8's also do and feel the same. I didn't ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward" because Silaom Mission is always helping less fortunate people and I am thankful that people will spend their time to volunteer for people in need. This is why I didn't ask Silaom Mission to "Pay It Forward".

Part 4
I think the importance of "Pay It Forward" is that a good deed shouldn't be done once it should be done as many times as it can possibly done in you life. This links us together like a chain to let less fortunate people know that if the chain breaks physically it will not break emotionally because we will always try to help as much as we can. For me I think this act of kindness made a difference because the money will go to people who almost have nothing and as I look at myself I
have food to eat, shelter, clothing and be able to go to school. This project really transformed us grade 8's and made us SELFLESS.


  1. Good job Ghelo! I like that you gave many details about your experience. I like that you and Suzzene really tried to socialize with the people who works in Silaom Mission. Unfortunately, I have a question of your act of kindness. " How did you get the money??".

  2. Nice job Ghelo! I liked how you explained what you and Suzzene did, very clearly and how you felt. I also liked your "part 4" because it explained a lot about how you felt and what you learned after you finished your act of kindness and when you said " This project really transformed us grade 8's and made us SELFLESS" in the end I really agree with you, this project didn't just affect the people we were helping but ourselves too and I think that, that was one of the important lessons the teachers wanted us to learn during this project. I also liked your pictures, they were very interesting, but you could've smiled a little more! (: But I could still see your enthusiasm. I was also wondering what Rose was asking, how did you get the money ? Did you save up ? And did you and Suzzene give $20.00 each or $10.00 and $10.00 ? Overall great job ! (:

  3. Awesome Job! :) I liked how you have added MANY details about your Pay It Forward experience. You have had nice pictures too! I was also wondering about Rose's question of "How did you get the money?" did you guys maybe fund-raised? or maybe you have used your "own" money and donated it? I really liked the part on your post of when you have explained how you have felt on what you did. I guarantee that if any person who haven't heard of "Pay It forward" will "get inspired" of what you did, and maybe wants to do it on their own. And again, you have done a great job! :D