Wednesday, November 30, 2011

raeesa's we day experience!!

my we day experience was amazing, I had a lot of fun, and I heard a lot of great motivational speeches. one thing that really caught my attention was many children go to bed starving and hurting inside because they have no food,water, no place to call home. Instead they work all day long hours doing work they are forced to do, instead of being a kid, and hanging out with friends.

Also today millions of young people are denied their right to an education,health care,security,and their inherent right to life. which I think is really wrong.

The speaker that really inspired me the most was Spencer West, he inspired me the most because at a young age he found out from the doctors that he might never be able to walk again. Spencer heard that but new that just because he would never be able to walk again doesn't mean he should give up in life. So he kept going in life just like you and me, he tried to make his story about his legs funny so people would understand it doesn't matter what you look like or your story we are all the same,and we should all be treated equally.
To me Spencer's speech really spoke to me more.

I think that after that experience I do believe that we are the change people have been waiting for,and we can make a difference no matter how big or how small, we can all do it one step at a time.

I believe if we can make a difference just by helping others out of the good of our hearts you can do it to.

Remember the vow of silence is more than just a symbolic act of solidarity. By collecting pledges from your friends and family, you will support Free The Children's developmental projects in communities around the world. also every pledge you collect makes a positive difference in the country you are supporting, even after 24 hours of silence are over.

Lastly from this We Day experience I hope to get more active and get to participate in more life changing events like the me to we concert!!!

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