Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Joshua Rego's Pay It Forward

Part 1
"Pay It Forward" is an act of kindness towards others. If you know someone who is going through a rough time and needs help or even a person you don't know. You help the person in whatever way they need help. After you have helped them you ask them to do the same for another person, then that person asks another person and so on. All this is one individual trying to make a change in the world one person at a time.

Part 2
My Pay It Forward act of kindness was to go and donate some food and toys to Winnipeg Harvest. I gave in 38.4 pounds of food and toys.

I chose this activity because I wanted to give some new toys to Winnipeg Harvest then my mom said, "why not give some food too." I thought it was a good idea.

I helped Winnipeg Harvest by donating food to give to many people in need.

I donated 38.4 pounds of food and new toys to Winnipeg Harvest.

I did this on Saturday, November 12, 2011 around 12:00 pm.

Part 3
My act of kindness went well.

I felt really good about helping my community and even the city.

The people at Winnipeg Harvest were ecstatic when they saw I donated so much food and toys.

No, I didn't ask because that is what Winnipeg Harvest does.

They were happy to take the food and toys.

Part 4
The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because some people never think about helping someone like we have.

I believe my act may have made a difference.



  1. Great job josh
    I liked how you put a picture of the thank you note. I think it is important that people donate food to Winnipeg harvest because if people don`t donate then they might run out of food and the hungry would not have a place to go for food. I think next time you should Put some words in different colors. Anyways good job josh.

  2. Good Job Josh!
    You did a very good job on your pay it forward. I think by the things you did, you helped a lot of people. Going to Winnipeg Harvest was a great idea and a very helpful thing. So yeah, good job and continue on making a difference by just doing a random act of kindness!

  3. Cool that's a nice pay it forward, I like the Note from Winnipeg harvest It's cool you did that because not a lot of people knew you can bring toys.. I did not know and you also brought in food that had to be hard great job and that's amazing to bring 38.4 pounds I cant think how much that even is, well great job bro!:)