Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Randolph's WE DAY!

On November 23, 2011, thirty grade 8 students, and 4 teachers went the WE DAY.

We came to school at around 8:00 am, then go to a city bus at around 8:30 and we got drop off to the MTS Center at around 9:00 am and the show is start about approximately at 10:00 am.

The WE
DAY speakers are:

Mia Farrow - A Hollywood actress.

Chief Shawn Atleo - Is Canada's elected National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

(Sorry, I can't find the picture of Chief Shawn Atleo at the WE DAY event.)

Al Gore - Is a former American Vice President and Presidential candidate.

Rick Hansen - Canada's Man in Motion, Rick is a celebrated paralympian, winner of 19 international wheelchair marathons and an activist for those with spinal cord injures.

Hannah Taylor - Founder of the Ladybug Foundation Inc.

The main WE DAY speakers are:

Spencer West

Marc and Craig Kielburger

The WE DAY performers are Hedley, Classified, and Sierra Noble.

I had lot of fun at the WE DAY big event. One of my favorite at the event is the WE DAY dance. I could make a difference and change the world!




We Day dance:

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