Sunday, November 13, 2011

Janessa's Graph Post

My Notes :
  • Data can be presented using a bar graph , double bar graph , circle graph , line graph and a pictograph.
  • Different graphs may provide different information and display certain types of data better.

Bar graph are best for comparing data across categories

Double bar graph are best for comparing two sets of data across categories.

Circle graphs are best for comparing categories to the whole using percents . The sum of all the percents in a circle graph is 100%.

Line graph are best for showing changes in data over time.

Pictographs are best for comparing data that can be easily counted and represented using symbols.


This is a Pictograph , it is misleading because all of the trash cans are different sizes making it look like 2000 trash is more important. Make all the trash cans the same size !

image: bar graph

This graph is a bar graph . It is misleading because the y-axis doesn't start at zero . It starts at 80 000 !

image: line graph

This graph is a line graph . It is misleading because although the vertical scale starts at 0, it does not go up in even steps. This distorts the graph, and makes it look as though the biggest jump is between 1 and 2, rather than 3 and 4.Also, there are no labels on the axes, so we have no idea what this graph represents!


The two graphs that would show the work accurately is a line graph and a circle graph.


I would keep selling because this line graph shows that the sales are going up.

I would choose the pictograph because it is more prettier , but the line graph makes the information look better because it shows the sales going up.

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