Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taylor&Alexia Pay It Forward

1)Pay it forward is an idea that helps people and is passed on from person to person to help the less fortunate.

2) For my Pay It Forward Alexia and I went to Winnipeg Harvest and The Salvation Army. We choose to go to these places because I feel bad when i think about people not having enough food to eat, and I think everyone should be able to wear things they like. We did our act of kindness on Saturday, November 12.

3. Our act of kindness went really good! We donated 6 pounds of cans, we took a picture there but it was mistakenly deleted. We also went to The Salvation Army and donated old clothes or clothes we didn't wear anymore, we donated two bags there. The lady seemed really happy and thank-ful, we explained the Pay It Forward to her so maybe she will pass it on!

4. The idea of Pay It Forward is really smart because if everyone in the world did something nice to 4 people the world would be different and it might solve world peace! Its also important because the less fortunate get a chance to eat etc. Now that we did a good thing for 2 people maybe they will pass it on !


  1. hey taylor! i like your idea for pay it forward, it kind of reminds me of what me and hannah did. good job (:

  2. Great Job on your pay it forward Taylor and Alexia!!
    That was cool that you guys donated your old clothes that you dont wear anymore and you guys also donated food to Winnipeg harvest!

  3. Nice job Taylor and Alexia I like that you donated clothes that you guys don't wear any more because I ve seen Taylor's closet and you have a bunch of clothes that you don't wear and i like that you guys donated food too. :)