Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paolo's Pay it forward

1) Pay it forward is an idea of helping someone, and the person that you helped passes it on to another person. So helping them when they are in need for something or of something.

2) My act of kindness was volunteering at my neighbours home care kitchen serving cookies and drinks to there residents. I chose this activity because I thought it would be helpful for them.They only had 2 workers there and 24 residents, so it was pretty difficult. I thought if i'd help out there for the afternoon they would be thankful and happy.

3)My act of kindness went really well.What happend was i called them to say if I can help around there the next day. The said sure thing, then when I went there i asked them what can I help them with then they said, 'Making juice and serving cookies'. I felt really good helping them, the people I was serving to were very nice. I asked the person to pay it forward. They didn't know what that was so when I explained it to them they said 'Yes' ill pay it forward.

4)The idea of pay it forward is important because it's nice to do things for other people.
If there is no nice in the world where would we be. I think it made a diffrence because the people were smiling they were happy and glad I helped them.


  1. Hi Paolo!! Great Job on your pay it forward. It's really great that you help people to make juice and serving cookies to people. I like that you helped your neighbour hood's home care kitchen and serve to the residents. First you made juice and cookies then serve to the residents. In my opinion I thing your act of kindness was great because you helped bake cookies, make juice, and serve it to the residents.

  2. Heey Paolo!! :) I loved your pay it forward blog post. You were deep and insightful and explained things a lot. I liked your little message at the bottom there, haha. It made me smile and I bet you definitely made them smile too! Reading this just made me so incredibly happy because you were so descriptive and explained so much on why you wanted to volunteer here. Excellent job :D

  3. Nice Paolo, 2 workers and 24 residents.... wow nice job. I hope you made those 24 people happy with your service.