Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Danicka's Pay it Forward

Part 2

What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?My friends and I raked the leaves

Why did you choose this activity? so we can help /keep the community clean .

Who did you help?The neighbour

What did you do?rake the leaves and picked up trashes.

When did you do you act of kindness?weekend(nov.12)

Part 3

How did your act of kindness go?very well

How did you feel?

I felt good because i did something to pay it forward

How did the person or people react?we didn't see their faces

Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?no

If you did not ask the person to "Pay It Forward" how come? I guess we forgot

Part 4

Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important? because when you did something good to someone,like e.g. you helped 3 people then if they asked you how to pay it back you say 'pay it forward' then the 3 people you've had will help 3 person then so in total you get 9 people

Has your act of kindness made a difference?yes, it helped the community clean


  1. Good job Danicka!! I like the video!

  2. Great job Danicka! I really like your video and there's a question that I want to ask and that is " How many hours or how long does it take to do your act of kindness?"

  3. Nice Post Danicka! you were very straightforward in your answers and comments. i really liked what you did, not only did it make the community clean you also made it presentable. it was nice. too bad i can't watch the video. but over all, it was great :)

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    here's the video