Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Serena's Pay it Forward

Part 1: What is Pay it Forward?
Pay it Forward is an act of kindness towards others. Without asking for anything in return you ask them to pay it forward and help 3 other people.

Part 2:

What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?
My act of kindness was buying little toys like puzzles, stickers, bouncy balls, paper cranes, paper elephants, paper lion and giraffes, pencils, notebooks, and erasers. After we put the toys in the goodie bags to give to the children in the Children's Hospital. In the end we made 50 bags, 25 for girls and 25 for guys.

Why did you choose this activity?
I choose this activity because I knew that there are sick children in the hospitals and so I wanted to help them and make their lives a little bit happier.

Who did you help?
I helped the children in the Children's Hospital.

What did you do?
We went to the Children's Hospital to give goodie bag to them.

When did you do you act of kindness?
I did my act of kindness on Monday, November 14, 8:00am.

Part 3

How did your act of kindness go?
My act of kindness went really well because we were prepared and we had everything planned out.

What Happened?
The first thing we did was plan out what we were going to do and how we were going to do it. Then, we contacted the hospital by emailing them and we asked if we could come by and drop off goodie bags for the children. After, we went shopping at Michael's and Dollarama to buy the supplies we needed. The next thing we did was sort everything out and put them into the bags. We also made paper cranes, paper elephants, paper lions, and paper giraffes to put in the bags. After, we made cards that had inspirational quotes and tied them on the handle's of the bags. The next day we went to the Children's Hospital and we dropped off the goodie bags. We also received a certificate from the hospital saying thank you Sargent Park School.

How did you feel?
After doing my act of kindness I felt that I had made a difference in those 50 children's lives, by doing something as little as giving a goodie bag.

How did the person or people react?
The person we gave the bags to was very thankful and surprised at how many bags we brought. She said that "a lot of children are going to be very happy because of you guys".

Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?
Yes, we did ask the person to pay it forward.

How did they react to your request?
She were surprised and interested in what we where doing. She also said that she will try her best to pay to forward.

Part 4

Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?
The idea of pay it forward is important because it gets people to think about other people instead of thinking about themselves. When you pay it forward, the people who you helped will help 3 other people and those people will each help 3 other people. If everyone pays it forward then everyone's lives is going to be a bit happier.

Has your act of kindness made a difference?
Yes, my act of kindness had made a difference to the children we gave those bags to. Even though we didn't do anything big we still know that at least we made some children happy.

The lady Tania from the Children's Hospital sent us a messaged to us the next day. This is what she said

"Thank you again for the fantastic gift bags, your group really put a lot of work into it and they were beautiful. The kids loved them! There was one girl who’s mom was there and commented that they should do something nice like that too"


  1. Nicely done, Serena! Your act of kindness was very well done. I also agree that you and your group have made those 50 children's lives a bit happier. I liked how you had all the method into accomplishing your act of kindness in your video! Another comment is that the scrapbook pages were very outstanding and very cool! Great job, and I hope you will keep up the good work! And soon you will become a great citizen. Keep on becoming a difference maker. Great job!

  2. Hi Serena! Great job with your act of kindness. I think that you and your group did fantastic. It's amazing how much time and effort you guys put into those bags! The scrapbook pages you guys put together are really great, too. Great work guys & keep it up!

  3. Hello Serena! You and your group did a good job with your act of kindness! It probably made the children at the hospital very happy. It looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Also the scrapbook pages look great. Great Job Serena !

  4. Hey Serena! I like your groups act of kindness that you did. I think you guys really made a difference to those kids. You and your group are fantastic and you should keep it up.