Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Melody's Pay It Forward

1.) Pay it forward is an idea that helps people and is passed on to another person who needs help with no price in return on some stuff that they need help with.

2) My pay it Forward kindness was cleaning up Principal Sparling School's yard I choose this activity because this school was like a second home for me and I hate it when people litter because there's really no need to do that. I did my act of kindness on Friday 11,2011.

3.) My active kindness went well because after I was all done cleaning up the yard it looked so clean and earth friendly and the principal said "thank you" it made me happy to know that some people in the world do this kind of good deed for no cost in return.

4.) The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because, it is telling people how to be more kind, helpful and active at the same time! My active kindness has made a diffrence because when someone trys to litter they will think twice maybe "this isn't the right thing to do."


  1. Good job Melody! You made a good choice of picking the act of kindness. Cleaning our community is going to help stop global warming, and help the droughts. You did a really wonderful thing, keep up the good work! And I hope you won't stop helping others!

  2. Hi Melody. Great job on your act of kindness ! It was nice of you to clean up our community by picking up garbage that was on the ground. It was a nice thing of you to do. Good Job !

  3. Good Job Melody! Your act of kindness was great! Cleaning up the community by picking up garbage was nice of you. You made a difference by helping stop global warming. You did a great job!