Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ian's Graphing Post

1.) Line Graph-Advantage-The Advantage is it can compare multiple continuous data sets easily
Disadvantage- You can use it continuously

Bar Graph- advantage: it can compare large sets of dat
a easily.
Disadvantage- Graph categories can be reordered to
emphasize certain effects.

Double Bar Graph- Advantage-
Can compare multiple continuous data sets easily
Disadvantage-Use only with continuous data

Circle Graph- Advantage-

Advantage -The advantage is it can compare large data sets easily using keyed icons
Disadvantage- It can only go up to 2-6 pictures.

2.) 1 way is the break in the y axis.
one of the bars are wider.
lastly the distorting of the visual.

2a) I would use line graph and bar graph

2b) yes because it would show how the pizza sub shop is improving in selling.
It explains because it showing the improvement.

4) I would use line graph because it shows more i
mprovement than the pictograph.


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