Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dorian 8-14 Pay It Forward Project.

1)Pay it forward is a act of kindness that that you do to make a difference in our world and hope other people will do the same and we will all pay it forward one by one across the world

2)My Pay It Forward act of kindness was to go and donate some food at the Winnipeg Harvest. I made a difference by donating 31.6 pounds of food that will change a person to making a difference

I chose this activity because I wanted to help on producing foods to people who don't get there food and nutrition of the day like us. So I thought ''why not'' I have lots of food i can make a difference by going to the Winnipeg Harvest and donating some food.

I helped Winnipeg Harvest by donating food to go to people who are not getting there vitamins and there food that they need.

I chose to donated 31.6 pounds of food to the Winnipeg Harvest.

It was donated on the 14th of November 2011 around 8:30 am
Part 3
I think me act of kindness went really well.
I fell proud of myself because I made a difference to help spread kindness around the world.
The people at Winnipeg Harvest were proud for me for donating food.
I told the lady at the front desk if she can ask the others to help '' pay it forward ''
I put a smile on there face when I brought food to make a difference.

Part 4 ) I think more people have to work together to make a positive change because to pay it forward is important. to you and others.\

I believe my and our act of kindness will spread throughout the city even possible to make a difference in the world!!!


  1. Good Job Dorian most people did their active kindness in a group and you did yours all by yourself LOL. I like how you really want to change the world. :)

  2. Good Job Dorian I liked that you chose to help Winnipeg harvest :)

  3. Good job Dorien, It's nice to know that you helped feed the less fortunate people in Winnipeg.