Monday, November 14, 2011

Ian's Pay It Forward

1.) Pay it forward is an idea that helps people and is passed on to another person that is in need of help on some stuff that they need help with.

2.)My pay it Forward kindness was taking car of my cousins dog named peanut. I choose the activity because I have passion for puppy's so I volunteered to help. I helped my cousins dog because I thought it would be a great kind activity to do. I did my active kindness on Saturday November 12, 2011

3.) My active kindness went well because after . What happend was I took the dog for a walk, I fed him I also played catch with him. I felt good because I knew I was doing a good deed to a family member. My cousin reacted good, she said "Thank You" it also made me feel good. Her reaction to my request was suprising, because I was doing something helpful to her. I didn't ask my cousin to "Pay It Forward" because I forgot about it.

4.) The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because, it is telling people how to be more kind, helpful and active at the same time! My active kindness has made a diffrence because my cousin may now take care of other peoples dog just like what I did with Peanut.


  1. Hey Ian! Good job on your pay it forward. I like how you helped your cousin by taking care of their dog/puppy.Nice pictures too.

  2. Good job Ian!!! I liked how you came up with the idea to help take care of your cousins dog and nice pictures.