Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jeremy's Pay it forward

Pay It Forward is a movie all the grade 8's watched. It was about this kid, his name is Trevor who had to do a project in Social Studies. The teacher wanted them to make a difference to the world. He thought of the system "Pay It Forward." It is a system that simply requires one individual, they just have to help three people and to re-pay the person that helped the three people just have to help three more people, each.

My Pay It Forward act of kindness is cleaning up sidewalks and yards in the neighborhood. Me and a couple of my friends chose this activity because even though it's simple, we're still helping the community. We were supposed to volunteer at Siloam Misson, but there were some problems. Me and my friends helped out lovely and kind people, we would've done more but we only did 3 houses. We got some rakes and started raking leaves. At the end, we had over seven garbage bags full of leaves. It was very tiring but in the end, it was worth it. I did my act of kindness on Saturday, November 12, 2011 1:30 - 3:45 pm.

My act of kindness went fantastic! It was really tiring but it's all good, as long as we help the community. We raked leaves and picked up garbages, it wasn't well done, but it was done. I felt happy knowing that I've helped people out and those people will help others. They were kinda confused at first, but when we explained what we were doing. They let us clean their yards. Yes, we asked them to " Pay It Forward " they were confused what paying it forward meant. We explained what it meant, and they said " yes. " they're gonna do it.


The idea of Pay It Forward is important because it if everyone participates, we would end up helping everyone in the world. That means, everyone gets along and that would bring peace to the world. My act of kindness definitely made a difference.

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