Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Square Roots

Today in class we did work in our textbooks.

2.  How would you use prime factorization to determine the square root of 225?

3. Determine the prime factorization for each number. Which squares are perfect squares?
Perfect square

Not a perfect square

Not a perfect square

15A. Evaluate

16A. Determine the value

17. A fridge magnet has an area of 54mm2. Is 54 a perfect square? Use prime factorization to find the answer.

This is not a perfect square.

20. Adam's uncle has instructions to building a shed. One page of the instructions isn't clear.

a. What is the area of the rectangle?

The area of the rectangle is 36. I got this by multiplying 4 and 9 together and i got 36

b. What is the side length of the square?

The side length of the square is 6m2 because 6x6 is 36 and the square root of 36 is 6 so all sides of the square is equal so the side lengths of the square is 6m.

Here is a video to help you with square roots

Also here is a game you can play to help sharpen up your square root skills

I really hope this scribe post helps you with the homework!


1)Explain the pythagorean relationship.


The pythagorean relationship is the relationship between the length of the sides of a right triangle. the area of the two shorter sides (a and b) must equal the hypotenuse. (c)

2) Solve the missing side length

3) Is this a right triangle? Prove it.

This is not a right triangle because when you add the two squares of the legs you get 100 not 121 so this triangle is not a right triangle.

Here is a video to help you with pythagoras

Also here is a link to help you with pythagoras


  1. Awesome job Ronalen! I really liked how you took pictures of your notes and used them in your post. I also like how your post was neat and understandable. Your video was helpful but, i couldn't play the game link you posted. Here is another link that i think you might like:;

  2. Great Job Ronalen !! I really like the pictures you used to explain the notes, they were really understandable and clear. The video was helpful. Next time you should highlight key words. GOOD JOB RONALEN !

  3. Outstanding job Ronalen! I loved how you made those pictures so clear oh and don't forget your notes also! This was SO understanding! Your video was so helpful. Your link to your game... i couldn't play it! But there's always next time! And also try out Serena's link! It will come in handy! But over all GREAT JOB!

  4. Good Job Ronalen! I liked your game and your pictures. However, you video was a little above what we are learning. I think for grade 8, we only needed to know how to find the square root of a perfect square, not simplifying a square root, so this video might be a little comfusing. Anyway, you did a very good job!

  5. AMAZING JOB Ronalen! I really liked how you explained your answers by using pictures it was clear and easy to understand. your video was also very helpful. But I agree with sheila the game didn't work for me but it did look like a helpful game. And to make your scribepost even better maybe next time you could add a little bit of color to make it stand out more but otherwise great job and keep up the hard work!

  6. Great Job Ronalen! I really liked how you took pictures of your work instead of using paint, cause paint can take a really long time, yeah but anyways good job on that. But the game didnt work for me, and also maybe next time you should add some colour to make it pop out more but other than that AWESOME JOB!

  7. Good Job Ronalen. I liked how you explained your answers and showed your work on the paper. I could understand what you were saying because it was clear and neat. Also like how your video helped me a lot. Next time you should try adding a bit of color, but other than that good job.

  8. Good job Ronalen! I like how your procedures to get your answers are very clear. I can understand it easily. You added pictures, a video and a link which is awesome. However, you can make it more appealing to the viewer by adding a little bit of colour. Make some important words stand out. Overall, you did a fantastic job!