Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jeremy's Scribe Post: Homework Book Pg. 28,29 #4,8,9,10

4. 26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35.

8. 15 small squares are along one side.

a. 7.7 m
b. Yes, she has enough. If each side is about 7.7 m, multiply that by 4 to get 30.8. 30.8 is less
less than 32 m.

10. The maximum size of the rug should be about 14.4 m²


This Pythagorean Relationship means that the sum of the areas of the two shortest sides of a right angle triangle (a and b) must always be equal to the area of the hypotenuse (c).

2) Solve for the missing side length.

12^2+ 5^2= c^2
144+ 25= c^2
root 169= root of c
13cm = c
the hypotenuse equals to 13cm.

3) Is this a right triangle? Prove it!!!

a2 +b2= c2
8cm2+6cm2= 11cm2
(8 x 8) + (6 x 6)= (11 x 11)
100 =/121
Yes, this can be a right triangle because c2 is larger than a2 and b2.


  1. Good job Jeremy! I liked the way you answered your questions they were very well answered. But you could've showed some pictures to help those who still need it, also you could've added a link and or video to make your scribepost even better plus if you really want your scribepost to stand out maybe add some color but otherwise great job and keep up the hard work!

  2. Great job Jeremy! I really like how you put the answers clearly on your scribe. However, from what I see, I'm guessing you rushed to finish this. I say this because you forgot to add a picture, video and a link. You can also add some colour to your scribe to make some words stand out, just like what Alyshia said. Good job though!

  3. Good Job Jeremy! This was all very clear! BUT.. you should have added some pictures and a video and a link to HELP us on this! DON'T rush to finish anything, take your time! Like come on bro add some color make it look all nice! But good job!

  4. Good job Jeremy! your answers were very clear and easy to understand, but you could have added some pictures. you could of also added a link and or video to make your scribe post even more better and one more thing that you should of done is add more color to make your scribe post stand out but otherwise great job!