Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Joshua Rego's Scribe Homework Book pg28,29 #3,5,6,7

3. List the perfect squares immediatley before and after the whole number

a)Whole Number:5

PS before:4
PS after:9


PS before:16
PS after:25

c) WN:78

PS before:64
PS after:81

d) WN:95

PS before:81
PS after: 100

5.a) The square root of 17 is 4.1. The 4=the number  of 16's square root. The .1= the 1st number after 16

b)The square root of 85 is 9.2. The 9=number of 81's square root. the .2=the estimate of the space between 81 and 100

6.a) WN:27

PS before: 25
PS after: 36
Approx. square root: 5.2

b)WN: 55

PS before: 49
PS after:64
Approx. square root:6.4


PS before:100
PS after:121
Approx. square root:9.3


PS before:121
PS after:144
Approx. square root:10.8

7.45cm2. it means the side length should be 45.


  1. Joshua, good post! I liked the way you have all the answers and questions listed. You can improve your post by changing the color of your font, which will make your answers stand out. You can also add a video and a link, here is a link http://www.slideshare.net/nicolegough/estimating-square-roots-number-line-method-2055155
    and here is the video ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNHlnh7AURM
    Good Jod!

  2. Great job Josh! your explainations were very well said but to make them even better you could've showed them through pictures. Another few suggestions i have is that you could've added some color like cindy said and also a video and a link to help out those who are still struggling. But otherwise great job and keep up the hard work!

  3. Good job on your your scribe Josh! I like how you showed all your answers clearly. Although, you could've added a picture representing the information. Also, a video and a link will be a good thing to include to help those who still need help. However, your scribe is very neat. Good job!

  4. Great job Rego! Everything was really understandable and clear! But .. you could have added a video and a link to help out some of the other students on this! This was really neat though! Keep it up!

  5. Good job! your answers were easy to understand. but you should of added some pictures, and some color to your scribe. you could of also added a video and a link to help people even more But otherwise great job!