Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aaron's textbook questions

a) The area of the picture is 324cm squared, because 18cm x 18 = 324'
b) The area of the board is 1296 cm squared, 324x4 = 1296
c) The dimensions of the board is 36 cm by 36 cm, because the square root of 1296 is 36.

The order of the numbers is √27, 5.8, 6.3,√46 , 7. 27 is first because √27= 5.1 which is smaller than 5.8. 5.8 is second because 6.3 is higher than 5.8. 6.3 is third because √46= 6.7 which is higher than 6.3. √46 is fourth because its higher than 6.3, √46= 6.7. 7 is last because all the other numbers are lower than it and no other number is higher than it.

a) the maximum area of the hot tub is 27m squared because 25% of 36 is 9 and 9x3 = 27 which is 75%.

b) the fitness center should order 5.1m by 5.1m because 27 = 5.1 , and they cant go over 75% of their space.

Here is a video to help you


  1. Great job Aaron! The way you answered your questions were very clear and understanable. Your video was also farely helpful but to make your scribepost even better is that next time you could add some color to make the information stand out and a link in case your video wasn't helpful to others. But otherwise great job!

  2. Good job! This was clear and understandable! Your video was helpful! Maybe next time it could come with a link! And also add some color! But great job!