Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taylor C

Ratio- Is a ratio that compares two things. (Ex. 3:4,5:6,8:9)
Rate- is a ratio that compares two quantities of different units.(Ex. miles per hour)
Proportion- is an equation written form stating that two ratios are equivalent (Ex. 6/8=8/16)

Here is a fun video to help you:http://youtube/EgK2JQy7144
Here is a game to help you:

1. 5 hours to travel 360 miles is about _72_mph

2. As a playgroup worker, if I increase the amount of apple juice I am serving at the playgroup from 25 ml to 100 ml, how much should I increase the the orange juice to, to keep the quantities in the same proportion? The orange juice is 50 ml to start with.

3. What are the three ways you can prove that equivalent ratio statements are true?3/4 = 12/16 or 4/9 = 16/32

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