Thursday, October 13, 2011

Joshua's Proportion Post

Proportion-An equation tht states two ratios or fractions are equal 3:5 or
 Rate-A comparison of two different quantities mesured in different ways  ex. $1.34/100g $1.34 for every 100 grams
 Ratio- A comparison of two numbers by division   ex. 3:6

1. To find the answer i divided 360 by 5 to get 72mph

2.  25x4=100ml   50x2=100ml 

To show that an equivalent ratio is true are : Find a lowest common denominator, Divide the numerator by the denominator,
I forgot how to embed videos into my post so here is the link.
The link is for the social justice question

1. This doesn't not seem fair... AT ALL!

2. This doesn't seem fair or just because the $3B fraud guy had to pay $1B for each year. The homeless dude who stole $100 pays $6.66 for each year

3. If I was the judge the $3B fraud guy would get 15 and the homless dude who stole $100 would get ..ehhh... 1 month not even


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