Monday, December 12, 2011

Romiel's Percent Scribepost

I will be answering questions 1, 7, and 8 of pages 148 and 149.

1. Draw a diagram to show how you could represent the cost of a $100 item
with and without tax


7. A herd of 100 caribou was moved to a new location. The population increased by 10% the
first year and then increased by 20% the second year.

a) Find the population after the second year.

b) Explain why there was not a 30% increase in population over the two years.

b) There wasn't a 30% increase over the two years because you find 10% first and 20% of the answer for the 10% increase

8.Copy and complete the following table. Use 5% GST and the percent of PST applicable to where you live.


Here's a video to help you out............


  1. AWESOME JOB Romiel! I really liked your pictures they were very well explained and I think that it helped a lot of us out. I also liked your video it was also very helpful. But a suggestion I have it that you could've added a link and some color but oherwise great job and keep up the hard work!

  2. Great effort Romiel. Your pictures can help us a lot. You might wanna add colour to your font to make it more kind of important. Also, you did well in explaining everything step by step. Your video is awesome, and also add a link next time. It's perfect! Well done and thank you.

  3. Good job Romiel. I like how you answered your questions clearly and perfectly. It's good how you put a video, it helped me a lot and other people who need help. Maybe next time you should put a link. I like your pictures where great because it answered your questions. Well done!!.

  4. Good Job Romiel !! I like the pictures and the diagram you used to help us understand. You could have added colour and a link to help us understand more. Keep up the good work though!!