Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ian's Scribe Post

Hey everyone I'll be showing you ways of how to get to get a sale price and the discount of an item

For example 1)
USB Cord $8.99 50% OFF
The Discount is $8.99 x 0.50 = 4.495 (I got 0.50 by dividing 50 by 100)
The Sale Price is $ 8.99 - 4.495 = 4.49
Total Price = $4.49
Tax $4.49 x $1.12= $5.03

Example # 2

Sony T.V. $698 SAVE 20%
Discount price 698 x 0.20 = $139.6 ( I got it by dividing 20 by 100)
Sale Price 698 - 139.6 = $558.4
Total Price $558.4
Tax $558.4 x $1.12=625.4

Here is a video in case if you still need help


  1. Awesome job Ian!! I liked how you explained every question, i also like the colours, i couldn't really read the yellow but that's okay. I also liked how you have a link.Great job Ian!!

  2. AWESOME JOB IAN! I really like your pictures it was a good idea to take them from an actually store.(future shop i think)I also like how you changed the colors it made it stand out but I agree with Raeesa the yellow was hard to read but that's ok I got what it said. Your video was probably good except I couldn't access it and maybe next time you could add a link. But otherwise GREAT JOB! Keep UP The Hard Work!

  3. Good job Ian.! I like how you showed and described how you figured out you sale price. Keep up the good work.!

  4. Great job Ian! Your information was clear and easy to understand. You showed us how you got your answer, which is great. However, I have to agree with Raeesa and Alyshia. I find the solution in color yellow very hard to read. Also, you could've made the pictures larger so we could see them. It's alright though. You still did a good job. Keep up the good work!

  5. Good Job Ian !! I like how you explained your answer clearly. I think the colour yellow was hard to read and you should make the pictures bigger. Keep up the good work.

  6. GOOD JOB IAN!Your information was easy to under stand but the yellow was kinda hard to see but the other colours were great. I would've like to see your video that you posted but i couldn't access it and maybe next time you should add a link. But otherwise GREAT JOB!

  7. Good Job Ian! I liked the way you changed the color of your font, it makes the words stand out. But I think you should round all your numbers to the hundredthes/cents because we are talking about money. Good Job Ian!

  8. Good job Ian !!! It was really easy to understand and it was all right , But you should have used BOLD colors because it was hard to read . Over all it was good .

  9. Wonderful job on the scribe! My suggestions are that you add MORE color next scribe, adding colors make your post " eye catching" and " interesting"! It draws attention. You made this post really clear! I understood everything! Thanks for your help! Great job!

  10. Good job Ian! I like how you explained your answer very clear. I also like the color's, I couldn't really read the light green and yellow. Keep up the good work Ian (:

  11. Awesome job Ian! I liked how you added pictures to your scribe post. I also liked how you changed the font colours. But the yellow wasn't as clear as the colour colours. The video you added was helpful but i noticed that you don't have a link, so here is a link for you:

  12. Hi Ian, AWESOME scribe post!I liked that you changed the font colors, it made the words stand out even more. Your explanations were very clear and were easy to understand. The video you added was helpful but I noticed that you didn't have a link, so here a link I found that I thought you may want to add:

  13. Good job Ian. I like how you explained your information which made it really easy to understand also I liked you used a picture to show the product. I also liked how you changed the color which made it stand out more.

  14. Good job buddy!You express everything really well. You met the requirements for making our scribe. I think you might want to change some font colour because it's hard to read them, and I agree with Cindy, because we're talking about money you should round them off. Great job though, and thank you.