Monday, December 12, 2011

Paolo's Percent scribe Post

4.4 textbook 3 questions:

-2 binders $4.99 2 binders $10
-1 math set for $3.99 1 math set $4
-a backpack for $19.99 backpack $20
find total cost of 5% GST- Total taxes
and 7% PST. $34.00×1.12= $38.08

Ravi purchased 3 DVD's for 3 DVD's×$20=$60
$19.99 each. Find the total $60.00×1.11=66.60
cost for DVD's including GST
and 6% PST.


Use hundred grid to show
a)0.4 B)12% C)115%

A) 0.4




  1. GREAT JOB Paolo! I liked your pictures and the color you used. And how you showed your work for questions 4 and 5. But next time try to add some color, a link, and a video because it might help people out a little more but otherwise great job!

  2. Hey Peanut Butter! I like the pictures that you used! This post was very understanding! The way you showed your work was AWESOME! But next time add more color to bring it to the next level! Also you would want to add a link! But besides that, GREAT JOB!

  3. Great job Paolo! I think you should explain more about how you got your answers also, you might wanna add video or a link next time. Your pictures are actually cool, they're also entertaining!. Great job and thank you!

  4. Good job Paolo !! I think you should explain 4 and 5 more. I like the pictures for 7 though. I think you should add colour, link and a video though. Keep it up !!