Friday, March 9, 2012

raeesa's surface area and volume post

How to find the surface area of a:
- triangular prism

- and a cylinder
-rectangular prism

Triangular Prism:
b times h divided by 2

TSA: 36+36+45+50+40
TSA: 207 cm squared

Rectangular prism:
TSA: 2(T+F+S)
TSA: 2(140)
TSA: 280 m squared


TSA: circle+circle+rectangle

TSA: 50.24+50.24+301.44
TSA= 401.92 mm squared


To find the volume of a triangular prism you use the formula Base times Height divided by 2 times the height.
for example 6cm times 3cm dived by 2 times would first times 6cm by 3 cm which is 18cm then divide 18cm by 2 which is 9cm
the you would go 18 times the height which is 13 and you would get the number
234 cm cubed

Volume of a cylinder?
The formula you would use is pie r squared

Volume of a rectangular prism?
Formula length times the width times the height.

how to find out a volume with a fraction?
you would first find the volume by base times height divided by two times the height.
then when you get your final answer you would convert your fraction into a decimal and multiply your total answer by the decimal to get your final answer.

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