Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Danicka's Textbook Answers #s 5,8,17

14)Estimate each value,to one decimal place.Check your answer with a calculator.
Estimate: a) 3.6 b)9.3 c)11.6
calculate: a) 3.7 b)9.2 c)11.6

8.Identify all possible whole numbers with a square root larger than 2 and smaller than 3.

17)Carmel wants to mount an 18cm x 18 cm square picture on a square board that is four times the area of the picture.
a) What is the area of the picture? 18x18=324 cm2
b) What is the area of the board? 324x4=1,296cm 2
c)What are the dimension of the board? √296 =136

1.Pythagorean relationship means that the two legs(a^2+b^2) equals c^2 or the hypotenuse

3)I messed up on this one.
here's a link:http://www.mathsisfun.com/square-root.html


  1. Great Job Danicka! Your pictures were very well detailed and easy to understand. Also your link was also very helpful I think it helped a lot of people. But 2 suggestions I have is that you could've added some color to make it eye catching and a video to help others a little more but otherwise great job and keep up the hard work!

  2. Nice job Danicka, I really liked your pictures because it explained what question you were doing. I agree with Alyshia that you should have added a bit more color so it can stand out more, but other than that great job.

  3. Good job! Your pictures were very clear and easy to understand. Your link was also very helpful. But next time you should add some colour or a video to help people even more. Otherwise great job!