Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Samantha's pay it forward

Part 1

Pay it forward is about this move someone created. it's about doing something for someone and not expecting anything in return.

Part 2

My pay it forward act of kindness was donating food and other things to Siloam Mission.

I chose this activity because every time we drive down near there i always see people walking towards the building. i helped the people who go to Siloam Mission by donating food and other things. I donated food and other things like toiletries. I did my act of kindness on November 12.

Part 3

My act of kindness went well. My mom and I went inside the building and asked one of the workers there if we could donate some things. She said yes and took the bags from us. I felt happy because I made a difference in someone's life just by donating. The people who we handed the bags to looked happy to see the donations we brought in. Yeah one of the workers there asked me why I was doing this. I explained to him that at our school we're doing a thing called "Pay it forward". It's where you do a random act of kindness to someone and not expect anything back in return. i asked both of the workers there if they would "Pay it forward", they said yes. The workers reaction seemed happy to see some donations from a student.

Part 4

The idea of "Pay it forward is important because it helps one person get the idea of how it works. Then another person will understand and another and another untill everyone understands the meaning of "Pay it forward". My act of kindness has made a difference because since I donated food to Siloam mission that food will go to use and it will make a difference in someone's life.


  1. Good Job Samantha. The workers there must be happy that young students are paying it forward, trying to make a difference. The food that you donated can help the people who go into the Siloam Mission.

  2. Jandrenn8-16

    Nice job!!! you did it nice and the food that you donate makes every people happy, it can help many people around the world, you make a difference by donating a food on Siloam Mission.

    Well done!!

  3. Good job Samantha. Your pay it forward was a really good one. You made a lot of people happy b doing what you did. I just have a suggestion maybe you could have raised a bit more awareness or food for Siloam Mission. I really like what you did because you made a big difference in someones life keep it up.